I am delighted to recommend Susan, the owner/operator of the Omelette Queen Caterer’s as the caterer for any special party. I have attended numerous parties that she catered in addition to the ones that she orchestrated for me on professional and personal occasions. Susan is top notch in her creativity, artistic presentation and thoroughness to details. She is organized and her calm gracious manner creates a warm pleasant atmosphere so that the person giving the party and the quests can relax. 

Working with Susan “aka the Omelette Queen” she was always readily available to respond to questions and initiate creative solutions. Her confidence in her ability to get a job done well permeated the party and the food she prepared was delicious and beautifully displayed. In addition her staff is friendly and attentive my guest’s needs. In selecting Susan and Omelette Queen Caterers, I knew that I would have a successful event.


Thanks to The Omelette Queen Caterers my surprise birthday party was a huge success.  Susan helped my husband select a satisfying menu and suggested the appropriate amounts of food to order. Watching the omelettes being prepared was a fun activity for the guest.Best of all, our house was left spotless by the courteous staff.  Be a guest at your own party—call Susan! 

“Brunch was a success! Your staff was so friendly and easy to work with!”

 ♚– Emily Goren

“Thank you very much for the wonderfully prepared fod. I can now see (and taste!) why you are so well known.” ♚–GMC Truck Center

“The food was great, plentiful and so quickly prepared. I never dreamed I could have so much fun hosting a party.”

♚ –Marilyn Zee

“Thank you for yet another delicious breakfast. The students can’t wait for you to come back each year!”

♚– Calvert Hall College

“As always, the service with a smile and a flair was sincerely appreciated. You are constantly reliable and thoughtful.”

♚–Carpet Fair

“Our thanks for the most delectable and wonderful presentation of food… You really “wowed” the employees!”

 ♚– Under Armour

“The staff was not only punctual but early, and when they left, everything was neat and tidy.”

  ♚-Marcy Jeffers at Alter Communications

Thank you for all you did to help make our first ever Winter Fund Drive a success. You went above and beyond the call of duty! I always recommend THE OMELETTE QUEEN whenever given the chance to do so.

♚-Jim Ward, Director of Development 91.5FM WBJC

 Everything you do is so exquisite and your reassuring calmness made my birthday way more special. You received so many compliments but I was not surprised. I hope to hope to call you for many more special occasions


 A true pleasure from beginning to end! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your professionalism. Your surprise touch made such a beautiful and memorable celebration. Thanks Susan  :)

 ♚- Erik

Thank you for letting us cater your husband’s “special” birthday celebration. Have a good summer Susan.

*Susan- You are very welcome, but “thanks” should really go to you!!

David has been asking me to send you an email, but you now got to me first. We must tell you that almost all of the notes, phone calls and emails that we have received from our friends mentioned you and your omelettes!!! You were intended to be our “surprise” for our friends. They thought we were just serving bagels, etc.   But nope.   We wanted it to be more special and thus we hired you. You did a great job Susan! You and your staff (Michael and Sherrill) were so terrific, so organized and so professional.   Not only did people say how delicious the omelettes tasted, but they thought you were so nice and accommodating with their requests.   And Michael and Sherrill did a fabulous job after you left, helping me pack up the food, clean up some things, and fold tables and chairs, etc. So really our thanks go out to you for making our party extra special.   It was everything that my husband wanted it to be…..a very casual affair with close friends and family, eating delicious food.   And it was all of that and more. :) Enjoy your summer too!


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